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Site selection experts choose Republic, MO, for our rapidly growing population and shovel-ready sites, available now in our Enhanced Enterprise Zone, which grants qualifying businesses a 50% tax abatement for 10 years.

Shovel-ready properties are available in Republic, MO.

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Ready-Now Commercial Properties

Republic has a great deal of affordable, shovel-ready properties—properly zoned for commercial & industrial development. Republic features numerous thriving commercial & industrial business parks and major sites. Available now, many sites are complete with utilities & critical infrastructure and are located in Republic's Enhanced Enterprise Zone.

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Midwest site selection experts appreciate Republic's thoroughfares.


Immediate Access to Interstate 44

Republic is located just 5 miles from the Springfield-Branson National Airport and offers direct access to three major highways including the I-44 and James River Freeway interchange. The result of access to thoroughfares? Republic is a key logistical site for distribution needs, and each day over 30,000 cars pass hundreds of acres zoned for retail & industry.

Republic's regional economic development strategies include touting our workforce.

Available Workforce

Sustainable & Growing Labor Pool

As part of the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Republic draws workers from a large labor pool. The area has the skilled workers and favorable local wages needed to support  growing businesses. Our regional economic development strategies also include professional development programs to continually enhance workers' skill sets.

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Proven Regional Economic Development Strategies

Read details on the regional economic development strategies for Republic, MO.

To continually improve the community and the local economy, Republic is committed to strategic, sustainable, and managed growth. In accordance with carefully structured regional economic development strategies, the city has recently invested millions of dollars in sewer and water infrastructure to spur commercial growth.

Several miles of shovel-ready real estate available within Republic's state-designated Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) offer new and expanding businesses the opportunity to leverage important tax abatements and credits. Qualifying businesses are eligible to receive a 50% property tax abatement on real property for 10 years. Additional state tax credits are also available for businesses that create quality jobs in the EEZ.

With our current population of nearly 15,000 people projected to reach 26,000 within 10 years, Republic has earned a reputation among commercial & industrial site selection experts as one of the Midwest's most desirable locations.

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