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Enhanced Enterprise Zone

The Republic Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) is a defined area within and surrounding parts of the City of Republic, within which qualifying businesses are eligible to receive 50 percent real property tax abatement as well as state tax credits. Contact the City’s Planning and Development Department to find out whether a specific property or business may qualify for Enhanced Enterprise Zone benefits. You can also click on either of the links below to view more detailed information and a map of the Republic EEZ.

EEZ map

EEZ flyer

Missouri Works

In addition to those tax incentives available through the Republic EEZ, certain for-profit as well as nonprofit organizations locating or expanding in Republic may also be eligible to retain state withholding tax on new jobs and also state tax credits. These state tax credits are refundable, transferable and/or saleable. Contact the City’s Planning and Development Department for more information or click the link below to view more detailed information online.

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Other State of Missouri Incentives

Businesses looking to relocate, expand, or start up in Republic may be eligible for a number of other incentive programs available through the State of Missouri Department of Economic Development. Click the link below for a complete list of incentive programs offered including workforce training assistance, redevelopment incentives, infrastructure (CDBG), and site development tools as well as small business and entrepreneurship support.

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Special Taxing Districts

Investors and businesses looking to develop property in Republic may find it useful to engage in one of several special taxing district options. These options include:

  • Community Improvement Districts (CID)
  • Transportation Development Districts (TDD)
  • Special Business Districts (SBD)
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Contact the City’s Department of Planning and Development to explore whether any of these special districts may be suitable for your project.