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Among the Best Economic Statistics in the Midwest

The City of Republic is committed to sustainable commercial and economic development, and our strategic regional growth plan is yielding some of the fastest-improving economic statistics in the Midwest over the last decade. Republic ranks high in nearly every relevant demographic indicator for Missouri businesses, including key indicators like demographics, labor & workforce, transportation, tax rates & incentives, industry & retail opportunities, and utility rates.

Conveniently located a few miles from Springfield, the third-largest city in Missouri, Republic directly benefits from Springfield's demographics, economic statistics, and strong workforce. Both Republic and the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) have seen rapid growth since the year 2000. Growth experts anticipate the City of Republic will nearly double its number of household units over the next 10 years. They expect the population will grow to 26,000 people during that time.

Recently, Republic has celebrated the creation of over 1,000 new jobs since 2010 as well as:

  • Over 85% growth in population since 2000
  • Averaging more than 100 new households annually since 2000
  • More than 80% growth in labor force since 2000
  • A rise in median household income of more that 49% since 2000
  • Between 2000-2015, the Republic R-III School District experience 65% enrollment growth
  • Since 2010, the sales tax revenue has grown by over 20% with an average annual growth rate of 5.2%

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Demographics & Growth

Republic & Springfield Demographics

At 85.8% growth since 2000, Republic's growth is a leading demographic indicator for Missouri cities. In only 10 years, Republic's population jumped by 6,313 to 14,751 and now is estimated at nearly 16,000, and the average age is a vibrant 32 years. Springfield demographics are also central to Republic's economic statistics, as Springfield has sustained steady population growth for more than half a century.

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Labor & Workforce

250,000 Strong and Counting

The Springfield MSA is home to more than 250,000 employed persons, and Greene County employed 140,000-plus workers in the second quarter of 2015. Further adding to the labor pool, Republic's workforce region spans seven counties, and Greene County alone employs 70% of the region's workers. With affordable local wages and many workforce development opportunities, Republic is a perfect location for new and expanding business.

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Sites Zoned for Industry

To encourage development and improve economic growth in the Midwest & southwest Missouri, Republic consolidated the Village of Brookline, adding 3.5 square miles of vacant agricultural land that is immediately available for commercial and industrial use. The City has established hundreds of acres of industry-zoned land with several shovel-ready sites.

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Prime Locations Zoned for Retail

As part of our economic development planning, the City of Republic has zoned multiple high-traffic locations for retail, and valuable sites are available for immediate use. Each day, US Highway 60 brings more than 30,000 cars past numerous retail locations in Republic, including properties in our state-designated Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ).

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Intermodal Transportation Options

Located less than 5 miles from the Springfield- Branson National Airport, Republic borders multiple major roadways including Interstate 44 and US Highway 60. The City offers businesses immediate access to intermodal transportation services for distribution and travel. Republic is minutes from the Burlington-Northern mainline, the interstate highway system, and direct flights to ten major US cities.

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Millions Invested in Infrastructure

Republic officials recognize that utility infrastructure is a critical economic indicator for Missouri businesses. The City recently invested over $12 million in infrastructure improvements, equipping our water and sewer facilities to support large-scale industrial developments. Republic has ample capacity for reliable, ready-now industrial electricity as well as incentives from affordable service providers.

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Rates & Capabilities

Tax Profile

Incentives & Affordable Tax Rates

The City of Republic is an excellent destination for businesses that want to benefit from tax abatements and other economic development incentives including Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and EEZ tax breaks for qualifying businesses. The City's favorable property tax rates for industrial and commercial properties are also extremely beneficial to expanding or relocating businesses.

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Quality of Life

Safe, Scenic, and Packed with Fun

Republic is perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Full-time police and fire departments keep citizens safe. And our dedicated Parks and Recreation Department maintains four beautiful parks including a newly built indoor recreation facility. The City also has a 24-hour fitness center and a state-of-the-art aquatic center, and Republic is only a short drive to either Springfield or Branson.

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