Incentives & Financing

Republic, MO's industrial development association works to earn economic development tax incentives for businesses.

Encouraging Business Development through Incentives

The Republic Business and Industrial Development Association (RBIDA) is a not-for-profit (501C-3) organization and is the economic development subsidiary/extension of the City of Republic. The organization provides an additional revenue source for the city's economic development program.

The City of Republic has also worked with the state government to designate a large Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ), providing economic development tax incentives for qualifying businesses. To learn about the many other development incentives and financing opportunities in Republic, review the resources below.

EEZ Benefits

Tax Incentives & Abatements

The EEZ is an Economic Development tool established through the Missouri Department of Economic Development & the local municipality. Businesses expanding or developing in Republic must be located within EEZ boundaries (22,790 acres) and meet certain criteria. The program offers substantial benefits and grants qualifying businesses a 50% property tax abatement for 10 years in addition to state tax credits.

Learn About Republic, Missouri's EEZ Program


Economic Development Toolkit

A popular resource for site selection professionals and any industrial development association, the City of Republic's economic development toolkit provides details on other cost-saving tax incentives and special financing options available when relocating or expanding to Republic. Incentives include Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and certain benefits for businesses located in the City's special taxing districts.

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State Tax Credits

Economic Development Tax Incentives

The State of Missouri is committed to industrial and economic growth, so the government offers valuable state tax credits that empower growing communities to attract new businesses. State tax incentives such as credits for Community Improvement Districts (CID), Special Business Districts (SBD), and other special taxing districts add to the economic benefits of site selection in Republic, Missouri.

Discover the Value of Missouri State Tax Incentives

Financing Growth

Industrial Development Bonds

Serving as an industrial development resource on the latest available expansion incentives, a local IDA is available to assist area businesses that encounter questions. Certain industrial development bonds offer a particularly useful financial incentive for developing or expanding an industrial facility within Republic's city limits.

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