Enhanced Enterprise Zone

Enterprise zone credits and relocation incentives are key to economic development strategies that work.

Economic Development Strategies & Relocation Incentives

As a primary focus among the City of Republic's economic development strategies and relocation incentives, we have designated an Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) containing 22,790 acres of available property. Qualifying businesses are eligible for enterprise zone credits and real property tax abatement. After qualifying for Republic's EEZ, a 10-year, 50% local property tax abatement is available to new and expanding businesses.

Economic development strategies featuring enterprise zone credits and other locally based relocation incentives have already proven effective for Republic, contributing to an astounding 74.8% population growth rate. Republic's rapid expansion impacts the rising value of the city's EEZ property. Ready to grow with Republic? Find available sites currently zoned industrial.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone

The City of Republic's enhanced enterprise zone is strategically designed to spur sustainable economic growth through powerful relocation incentives. Local EEZ credits are therefore available to these qualifying business types:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing, Distribution, and Supply Chain
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Professional Services
  • Processing Wholesale Materials for Wholesale Trade

Interested in applying for Republic's Enhanced Enterprise Zone? Contact Garrett Tyson.