Labor & Workforce

Local wages and labor availability are good in Republic, MO.

Immediate Labor Availability & Affordable Local Wages

The City of Republic is an integral part of the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), and less than 5 miles separates the two cities. Such close proximity to Springfield leads to immediate labor availability, with an easy commute, from a workforce that is currently more than 250,000 strong. Local wages average less than $36,000 per job, making labor costs affordable for business owners while leaving residents financially stable to support local retail and industry.

Labor availability and the workforce growth rate have steadily risen in the area since 1991, and employment by sector statistics reflect a large labor pool of workers with the skills for manufacturing, industry, and retail businesses. These and other key workforce indicators verify that Republic and the Springfield MSA will sustain this labor availability for the foreseeable future. Missouri workforce development programs in the area further enhance the skill sets of local workers, who are poised to support the growth of businesses that locate in Republic.

Missouri Workforce Development Opportunities

Businesses located in Republic benefit greatly from multiple Missouri workforce development opportunities. Both the State of Missouri and the City of Republic are committed to improving the lives of residents through valuable training programs, which in turn lead to more efficient production and economic rewards for area businesses.

Missouri workforce development programs available to the local labor force include numerous programs at the Missouri Career Center as well as continued training opportunities at more than 15 well-respected community colleges and universities in the region. With consistently rising populations and excellent public school systems in Republic and the Springfield MSA, companies can anticipate a steady stream of bright young workers entering the job market as students graduate high school and college.