Industrial power source options, utility rebates, and free water and sewer rates are available in the City of Republic.

Ready-Now Utilities & Industrial Power Source

The City of Republic has over 500 acres of land available with access to an industrial power source, and the land is already zoned for industrial and commercial purposes. With built-in system redundancy, City Utilities of Springfield (CU) and Empire District Electric provide Republic electric service that earns top-tier reliability ratings and has ample capacity for major electric users such as large manufacturing and industrial facilities. And because electric, gas, water, and sewer are all immediately available, selecting a relocation or expansion site in Republic eliminates costly set up expenses for utilities.

Utility rebates for qualifying businesses make utility services in Republic all the more affordable. As part of our pro-growth economic development strategy, local utility service providers work with the City to find reliable solutions including fiber cable speeds for high- performance Internet. Powerful incentives, discounts, and other utility rebates are also available to businesses located in Republic.

Affordable Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer Rates

Water and sewer rates are affordable for commercial and industrial businesses within Republic's corporate limits, as the City provides the services at a low cost. Beyond the obvious savings on potentially expensive water and sewer rates, companies can anticipate top-of-the-line performance from these services. Committed to facilitating commercial growth through continued infrastructure improvements, the City recently invested more than $12 million in water and sanitary sewer enhancements, leaving our facilities equipped to serve the substantial demands of commercial and industrial businesses.

Both CU and Empire District Electric offer affordable commercial and industrial electricity service rates—such as CU's budget-saving Economic Development Rate Incentive. Laclede Gas Company is available to serve companies that require low-cost natural gas.The region has multiple waste management and telecommunications providers. And with four Internet service providers, including Springnet and its fiber cable speeds, Republic has excellent Internet service and competitive pricing.

To see how local utility rebates and service rates will benefit your company's bottom line, study the average commercial utility costs.