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Enterprise zone credits and relocation incentives are key to economic development strategies that work.

Industrial & Commercial Zoned Property Sites Available

The City of Republic has approximately 3,500 acres of property available for immediate development. Much of the City's property is already properly zoned industrial or commercial and features Interstate 44 access. Hundreds of acres in Republic are eligible for Enhanced Enterprise Zone credits. Republic also contains several shovel-ready properties that feature access to high-capacity utilities and other critical infrastructure—including water and sanitary sewer facilities resulting from the City's recent $12 million infrastructure overhaul.

Clearly, Republic is land rich, but what makes the community particularly appealing to site selection experts is that local commercial and industrial zoned properties are also low cost and have few environmental concerns. Subject property is often free of legal encumbrances and can be split however business needs dictate. Subject property in Republic, including property with US Highway 60 and Interstate 44 access, also qualifies for multiple incentives that can immediately impact profitability. And with several high-traffic commercial & industrial business parks and major sites, Republic offers relocating businesses numerous valuable sites to consider.

Business Parks

Sites Already Zoned Industrial

Republic is home to highly visited subdivisions, which are currently ready and zoned for industrial and commercial use: Brookline Business Park, James River Business Center, Trogdon Industrial Park, and the Drury University site.

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Commercial Buildings

Available Commercial Sites

Businesses considering relocation to the City of Republic have ample choices for commercial buildings that are currently available and ready for use. Ready to locate the commercial zoned building that's right for growing your business?

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Commercial Land

Commercial Property for Sale

With miles of commercial zoned property available for purchase in Republic, the City is a prime location for new and relocating businesses that project continued growth. Ready to find an affordable, ready-now commercial property?

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